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Terms and Conditions

The company can refuse an order within 7 days from date to order. Our prices can be revised without notice. Our prices do not include carriage but include VAT. Our delivery time are given for information only. If the payment of the due is not made, EMILY can require the total payment of the amount due.

TITLE : All goods shall remain the property of EMILY until the customer has paid in full the whole of the contract price. While the goods remain in the ownership of EMILY, the customer shall keep and insure them against damage, destruction and theft.

RETURNS : Any return can not be done without the agreement of the company. Only new material can be taken back and be subject to a carriage charge. A deduction will be applied on the material valor.

ORDER : Precise the machinery model and the reference of the product ordered. 

WARRANTY and GUARANTEE : Our equipment is warranted for the parts for a period of one year from date of delivery. No warranty will be accepted beyond. The warranty covers all the defects and manufacturings defects on the new material. It concerns the substitution or the reparation of the defective parts. Any rectification work out of our authorisation cancels the warranty effect. Any warranty intervention must be done with the agreement of EMILY SA based on a precised quote established by a repairer and authorised by EMILY SA. The time and the charges of travel are never taken into account. The warranty is not applied to wear parts, bearings, transmissions... Our guarantee does not apply to any parts which are not or our make, and this parts will be subject to the supplier's warranty. The warranty supposes a regular usage of the equipment. The instructions of the working of the machinery must be followed if not the guarantee is no more valid.

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